Two unique bridge tally software programs allow users to print their own customized
progressive bridge tallies for two to ten tables.

Both copyrighted programs assign players, partners and opponents using our exclusive "random" generator while retaining the non-repetitive partner capability.

Capability is included to identify up to three players with limited mobility so that these players are assigned to one table for all seven rounds.

Because four tallies are printed per letter size sheet, the backside of each tally can be printed with special messages such as advertisements, scoring rules, humor, photos, etc.  Printing can be accomplished with a computer printer or copy machine.
The use of local merchant advertising on the back the tallies could bring in extra revenue to offset your bridge club costs.

System Requirements:  The software is written as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Visual Basic Application and does require that Microsoft Windows (98 or later) and Excel (95 or later) be installed to run these programs.
Personalized Bridge Tally
Bridge Club Tally